Live from Rome


Week Ending November 18, 2016

Coming to you Live from Rome! Fr. Roderick was traveling in the Eternal City this week with a group of Dutch pilgrims and he joined us on Trideo Live to recount some his adventures (including getting lost underground!)

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Trideo Live from Rome

Fr. Roderick brings us along on his trip to Rome, including getting lost in a catacomb and meeting Pope Francis with a group of Dutch pilgrims.


The Break: Risking Star Wars Fatigue?

In this episode: Getting fit; Camino plans; reviewing Buffy the Vampire Slayer; are we risking Star Wars fatigue? Plus, Catholic Reading Tips; malware and ransomware.


Return to Middle Earth: Part 3

In October, Fr. Roderick explored the works of J.R.R. Tolkien to find out how to live like a Hobbit. This month, Trideo takes you back to Middle-earth by restoring our classic series ‘Secrets of Middle-earth’. In each episode we make an audio-journey in the footsteps of Frodo Baggins as we visit familiar places like the Shire, and discover the ancient history of Middle-earth.

In part three, we visit the Dunédain of the North in the hidden refuge of Esteldín. From there we travel deep into Angmar and encounter fearsome dragons!


The Walk: Digital Minimalism

Fr. Roderick shares what his ongoing de-cluttering efforts do to his digital life. Hard drives are cheap so keep everything, right? Maybe not.

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