Mysterious Celebration! (100th Episode Anniversary!)

Mysterious Celebration! (100th Episode Anniversary!)

MYS100: We’re celebrating our first 100 episodes with updates on the some of the mysterious topics we’ve discussed, as well as hearing your feedback on the podcast and what it means to you. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli want to thank the listeners for their support in our first 2 years and look forward to many more shows.

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Links for this episode:
Episode 1: Ghosts

Episode 3: Bigfoot
Astonishing Legends Patterson-Gimlin Series

Episode 4: Area 51

Episode 6: Pyramids

(See video description for links to raw footage of the robotic expedition)

Videos exploring hidden chambers below the pyramid:

Episode 22: Bob Lazar

Episode 23: Astrology

Episode 24: Dyatlov Pass

Episode 26: Jimmy Hoffa

Episode 36: Skinwalker Ranch

Episode 38: Golden State Killer

Episodes 40 and 70: Navy UFO Studies (AATIP)

Episode 45: Voynich Manuscript

Episode 53: Betz Sphere

Episode 67: Numbers Stations

Episode 73: Somerton Man

Episode 83: Dark Matter, Dark Energy

Videos explaining why Dark Energy might not exist:

Episode 87: Nephilim

Episode 91: Government Acid Conspiracy

Episode 96: David Koresh

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