Resurrection on Mars? (And More Weird Questions!)

Resurrection on Mars? (And More Weird Questions!)

MYS125: On this fifth Friday of the month, Jimmy Akin answers more weird questions, including whether at the end times people will be resurrected on Mars; could we touch a rediscovered Ark of the Covenant; what was Jesus’ religion; did God create aliens; why is capybara licit in Lent; and more!

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Questions Covered (Time in the episode):

  • 02:39 – If the Ark of the Covenant were found today, would the Old Testament rule that you cannot touch it still apply?
  • 06:47 – If people move to Mars, die, and are buried there, when the end times come and they are in their glorified body, Will they be living on Mars, back on Earth with the rest of us on someplace else?
  • 10:47 – Is there anything recorded about Jesus doing any personal care of himself, like we wash, comb our hair or brush our teeth etc.
  • 13:37 – Did the two men who were crucified alongside Jesus also carry their crosses to Cavalry? Was Jesus the only one to do this?
  • 16:12 – What religion was Jesus?
  • 17:51 – Was Jesus Buddhist?
  • 21:33 – Aliens scare me. If they exist, is there a God? Did He also create them?
  • 26:50 – Is our God is part of a race of gods, like the Gnostics?
  • 28:32 – Is method acting in an evil character role generally seen as dangerous and possibly immoral, perhaps along similar lines as participating in hypnosis?
  • 31:55 – Why does capybara not count as meat during Lent?
  • 35:48 – If we’re not alone in the universe, where is everybody else?
  • 39:09 – Would Luke Skywalker have to denounce his Jedi religion in order to become Catholic?
  • 42:50 – If researchers were to identify a medical cause for hyperfertility, and a treatment could be found which could reduce fertility to “normal levels” (not eliminating fertility altogether) and make it possible for these women to successfully use NFP to avoid pregnancy, would that be a licit treatment?
  • 45:27 – Is it true that Jesus is against self-defense and that Christians are not allowed to defend themselves?

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