Transporters & Sacraments? Frozen Embryo Guardian Angels? Human-Animal Hybrids? & More Weird Questions!

Transporters & Sacraments? Frozen Embryo Guardian Angels? Human-Animal Hybrids? & More Weird Questions!

MYS165: It’s a fifth Friday so Cy Kellett of Catholic Answers Live is asking Jimmy Akin more weird questions from listeners, including would I need to be re-baptized after going through a transporter; what happens to guardian angels of frozen embryos; what about human-animal hybrids; and more.

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Questions covered:

  • 01:58 – Is it possible that we are made in the image and likeness of God due to the Grandfather Paradox of Jesus assuming human flesh to begin with?
  • 07:20 – My friends came up with a fun weird question for the next show: If I am transporting the Eucharist in my car, can I use the carpool lane?
  • 10:34 – Do frozen embryos make their guardian angels wait with them?
  • 12:03 – Will the bodies of people in hell (or heaven for that matter) need to eat and drink? Will our bodies just, subsist without sustenance?
  • 16:30 – How was the holy house of Loretto transported from Nazareth to Italy.
  • 19:01 – What happens to a person who can’t remember their sins through memory loss from, say, an accident, aging, or a disease like Alzheimer’s? Do they cease being culpable for their sins if they can’t remember them to repent and ask for forgiveness and reconcile with God?
  • 23:43 – What could the physics of the “new heavens and new earth” (new creation) be like, such that this would no longer disintegrate due to entropy, etc.?
  • 29:59 – If the Star Trek style transporter kills the person and creates a clone with that person’s memories, would a person who gets transported in such a manner have to be baptized or confirmed again? Would a priest who gets transported have to be ordained again? What about confession? What if you commit a mortal sin, then get transported, would the clone with your memories have to go to confession?
  • 34:17 – If hell is complete and final separation from God, and God is necessary for existence, how do people and angels exist in hell? Another one – is the devil in hell yet, and if not, are the people in hell waiting for him to get there or are they all waiting until the end and judgement to enter hell?
  • 39:34 – What are the spiritual and perhaps biological implications of combining human and pig or cow DNA? Besides having no justifiable health consideration and being seriously wrong for tampering with trying to create previously non-existing life forms, is it possible that a cow or pig could come to the realization that it will wind up as steak or bacon? If it is well known that trauma from violent wars can be passed down and sudden unknown memories which seem like deja vu do happen, is there enough information here to make human/animal chimeras unequivocally illegal? Who do we call?

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