Secrets of Middle-Earth

The Secrets of Middle-Earth explores the very Catholic works from the imagination of J.R.R. Tolkien in both his writing and the screen adaptations of them, digging into the deeper meanings and hidden layers for the truth and beauty found therein.

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Recent Episodes

The Hunt for Gollum (Fan Film) - Before the upcoming big budget Hollywood film was announced, there was a fan film about the hunt for Gollum, and Thomas Salerno, Jeff Haecker, and Patrick Mason dive in to discuss it. Plus lots of discussion of upcoming Middle Earth-themed media.
Quenta Silmarillion, Ch. 9: Flight of the Noldor - Continuing their walk through the Silmarillion, Thomas Salerno, Jeff Haecker, and Patrick Mason discuss the tragic kinslaying and the oath that would bring doom to Middle Earth as well as the themes of pride, betrayal and the consequences of your actions.
Middle Earth in Star Wars - Much of modern culture was influenced by Tolkien's writings and Star Warsis no different. Thomas Salerno, Jeff Haecker, and Patrick Mason are joined by Kathryn Laffrey to discuss all the ways that Tolkien's ideas, characters, and plots have influenced Star Wars.
Quenta Silmarillion, Ch. 6, 7, & 8 - Continuing their dive into the Quenta Silmarillion, Thomas Salerno, Jeff Haecker, and Patrick Mason discuss Melkor's corrupting influence, Fëanor's tragic complexity, and the symbolism of Ungoliant's darkness and hunger as they set the stage for the entire First Age.
Peter Jackson’s The Return of The King - The trilogy ends! Jeff Haecker, Thomas Salerno, and Alix Murray finish their discussion of the Peter Jackson LOTR trilogy, diving deep into the themes of sacrifice, courage, resilience, and more, while comparing how the films differed from original book and the film's lasting impact.