Secrets of Middle-Earth

The Secrets of Middle-Earth explores the very Catholic works from the imagination of J.R.R. Tolkien in both his writing and the screen adaptations of them, digging into the deeper meanings and hidden layers for the truth and beauty found therein.

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Recent Episodes

Tolkien Reading Day 2023: Adventure - It's Tolkien reading day and Thomas Salerno, Kaitlyn Facista, Jeff Haecker, and Thomas Sanjurjo offer up their favorite passages on the theme of travel and adventure, from the darkest depths to the hopeful highs.
Love Stories of the Legendarium - Tolkien's stories are filled with tales of romance and friendship, and Thomas Salerno, Kaitlyn Facista, Thomas Sanjurjo, and Jeff Haecker discuss all the great love stories, including their favorites, like Beren and Luthien, Aragorn and Arwen, and even Gimli and Galadriel.
The Faith of Tolkien - Faith is the topic for Jeff Haecker, Thomas Sanjurjo, Thomas Salerno, and Kaitlyn Facista as they discuss Tolkien's own Catholic faith and how he saw it in his works, plus the faiths of the people of his creation in Middle Earth.
Tom Bombadil - Who is Tom Bombadil? Thomas Sanjurjo, Kaitlyn Facista, Thomas Salerno, and Jeff Haecker discuss the enigmatic Tom: Who is he? What did Tolkien have to say about him? And what other similarly enigmatic characters are there in the Legendarium?
Tolkien Christmas Gift Guide - What to get that Tolkien fan in your life for Christmas? Thomas Sanjurjo, Kaitlyn Facista, Thomas Salerno, and Jeff Haecker have Tolkien-related and adjacent gift ideas for all the fans in your life (or for your own Christmas list).