Secrets of Middle-Earth

The Secrets of Middle-Earth explores the very Catholic works from the imagination of J.R.R. Tolkien in both his writing and the screen adaptations of them, digging into the deeper meanings and hidden layers for the truth and beauty found therein.

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Recent Episodes

Peter Jackson’s The Two Towers - So much happens in Peter Jackson's film verison of The Two Towers. Jeff Haecker, Thomas Salerno, and Alix Murray discuss the film's portrayals of Faramir and Theoden; the themes of hope, unity, and despair at Helm's Deep; and the changes made from the book.
Quenta Silmarillion, Ch. 1 & 2 - Continuing their discussion of The Silmarillion, Thomas Salerno, Jeff Haecker, and Patrick Mason discuss the beginning of the Quenta Silmarillion and the themes of fate, free will, creation, and destruction within Tolkien's universe.
Where Did the Blue Wizards Go? (And More Patron Questions) - We gave Patrons the opportunity to ask our Tolkien experts Thomas Salerno, Jeff Haecker, Mike Schramm, and Patrick Mason their related questions and made the answers available exclusively to Patrons first and the later to the whole audience. This time the questions cover the origin and fate of the wizards, where the Entwives went, and what part of Tolkien's stories they would change.
Peter Jackson’s The Fellowship of the Ring - Focusing on Peter Jackson's Fellowship of the Ring, Jeff Haecker, Thomas Salerno, and Alix Murray share their experiences of the film; highlights, including Boromir's redemptive death; its cultural impact; controversies about changes from the books; and more.
Father Christmas Letters - Over 23 years Tolkien wrote a series of letters from Father Christmas to his children. Thomas Salerno, Jeff Haecker, and Patrick Mason discuss their experiences of the letters; Tolkien's whimsical, playful side; his devotion as a father; and the enduring magic of his imagination.