ONC033: The Cricket Game

ONC033: The Cricket Game

Will Regina be able to redeem herself? Will the others let her? What happened to Archie Hopper / Jiminy Cricket? We discuss these questions and more in this episode.

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  1. Alexandra

    Actually, Cora and Hook may find out about Bae because Rumple had a session with Archie about him thinking August was his son.

  2. Gilles

    Hello Father,

    During the podcast, you asked if Disney had the rights to the Wizard of Oz movie.

    In the 1980’s, Disney produced a little-known, under-rated sequel to the Wizard of Oz titled “Return to Oz” It is a live action movie, not to be confused with the official MGM sequel, “Journey back to Oz” (an animated movie where Judy Garland’s daughter Liza voices the role of Dorothy). In the Disney movie, Dorothy, accompanied by her hen, returns to Oz via water. Finding the land in disarray, she teams up with Tik-Tok, a mechanical man, and others to defeat the Nome King. It is my understanding that the plot of the movie burrows elements and characters from different Oz novels, similarly to what Spielberg did for his “Adventures of Tintin” movie.

    Getting back to Once Upon a Time, I’d like to comment on the preview clip you played, and on the fact Belle is on the other side of the border line. On another forum, I had speculated before the winter finale that when Snow White would wake David up with true love’s kiss, that the barrier spell would be broken, just like the curse was broken when Emma kissed Henry. In “Queen of hearts”, before Emma and Snow arrive back in Storybrook, Henry reads the book to a sleeping David, and reads a passage that says that Prince Charming’s kiss brought the land back to normal. Then, when Snow does kiss David, a woosh of energy goes through the room. I’m writing this on Friday, the “Outsider” episode has not been broadcast yet, so I’m hoping this will be the explanation for the barrier curse being broken.

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