Are Transporters Murder Machines? (& More Weird Questions)

MYS129: For this US Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Jimmy Akin answers more weird questions, including whether Star Trek transporters are murder machines, what history would be like without Jesus, is the Holy Grail special, a Good God vs. an Evil God, and the eschatological implications of space colonies.

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Questions covered this episode:

  • 01:44 – What if the incarnation had not yet happened?
  • 06:31 – The Holy Grail vs. ordinary chalices
  • 08:45 – Morality of the Star Trek transporter
  • 13:12 – Is almond milk bad for the environment?
  • 18:48 – In the resurrection will there be couples?
  • 20:44 – A Good God vs. an Evil God
  • 24:40 – Could asexual aliens become priests?
  • 25:53 – Eschatological implication of space colonies
  • 30:52 – Why is it forbidden for Catholics to be Freemasons?
  • 35:22 – Our Lady of Fatima’s requests
  • 37:38 – What the Church says about playing the Lottery
  • 39:12 – Adding tap water to Lourdes water
  • 41:32 – Was Jesus dead all-day Holy Saturday?

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