American Catholic History

American Catholic History, hosted by Tom and Noelle Crowe, finds the hidden gems and compelling stories of Catholic Americans who have contributed to their nation by virtue of their faith over the past three centuries. In less than 10 minutes per episode, American Catholic History will introduce you to the amazing men and women who came to these American shores and were born here and contributed in ways both great and small, celebrated and unheralded.

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Recent Episodes

Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli - A young Italian Dominican friar named Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli came to the American Midwest in the early 19th century. Tom and Noëlle Crowe reveal how he almost singlehandedly transformed the Catholic Church in that part of the country and continues to inspire through his example.
The Martyrs of La Florida - Over the span of about 200 years, up to 1,000 Catholic missionaries and natives, including men, women, and children, were martyred in what is now the US Southeast. Tom and Noelle Crowe tell us about the brave Catholics who refused to renounce Christ under persecution from both native peoples and European Protestants.
Rose Hawthorne - Rose Hawthorne was born into 19th century American literary royalty, but as Tom and Noelle Crowe reveal, she suffered the deaths of family, including a child, and an abusive husband. That didn't stop her from converting to Catholicism, starting a Dominican community, and founding homes for terminally ill cancer patients.
Archbishop Charles John Seghers, Apostle to Alaska - In the late 19th century, Charles Seghers was bishop of Vancouver, then archbishop of Oregon City, but his heart was in the missions of Alaska. Tom and Noelle Crowe tell us the story of this man of God who had a heart for the missions of the extreme Northwest and of his tragic death.
Loretto Staircase - An amazing spiral staircase stands in a chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the result of prayers of the nuns who needed it. Tom and Noelle Crowe look at the story and whether it was a master craftsman who showed up at the right time or really St. Joseph who built it himself, the staircase is indeed miraculous.