American Catholic History

American Catholic History, hosted by Tom and Noelle Crowe, finds the hidden gems and compelling stories of Catholic Americans who have contributed to their nation by virtue of their faith over the past three centuries. In about 20 minutes per episode, American Catholic History will introduce you to the amazing men and women who came to these American shores and were born here and contributed in ways both great and small, celebrated and unheralded. Find more about American Catholic History at their web site at

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Recent Episodes

Fr. Henry Duranquet, SJ, Apostle to the Tombs - Fr. Henry Duranquet, SJ, was called Apostle of the Tombs because of his decades ministering to convicts in New York’s prisons, including the prison known as “The Tombs.” Tom and Noëlle Crowe tell us how his patient Christlike work won over thousands of souls for Christ, including the most notorious killers.
Buffalo Bill Cody - Buffalo Bill Cody was a hard-living cowboy and one of the most famous people of his day, spreading the legend of the “Wild West" around the world, even meeting the Pope. Tom and Noëlle Crowe tell us how in the end Bill found Christ and His Church.
2022 Year in Review - As 2022 ends, Tom and Noëlle Crowe change things up to review the year's episodes, talk about what astounded them, discuss some of their Conversations, reveal what's been going on in their lives, and chat about what they have in mind for the future of the show.
National Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche - The oldest shrine in the US dedicated to the Blessed Mother is St. Augustine's Our Lady of La Leche shrine. Tom and Noëlle Crowe tell us how this devotion to the physical aspects of Mary's motherhood of Jesus came to be in Florida and the unusual honor it has received from Pope Francis.
Bishop Benedict Joseph Flaget - Bishop Benedict Flaget may be the most important bishop in the US' early history who isn't named Carroll. Tom and Noëlle Crowe tell us about his humble decades of service as both a priest and a bishop on the wild frontiers of the US and why he should have a cause for canonization opened.