American Catholic History

American Catholic History, hosted by Tom and Noelle Crowe, finds the hidden gems and compelling stories of Catholic Americans who have contributed to their nation by virtue of their faith over the past three centuries. In less than 10 minutes per episode, American Catholic History will introduce you to the amazing men and women who came to these American shores and were born here and contributed in ways both great and small, celebrated and unheralded.

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Recent Episodes

Henriette DeLille - Henriette DeLille was a woman of mixed race in antebellum New Orleans who rejected the social pressure to become a concubine. Tom and Noelle Crowe reveal how she instead followed her faith to found the 2nd religious order for black Catholic women in the US.
Stagecoach Mary - Mary Fields was a gun-toting, hard-drinking, street-brawling black woman on the old frontier. Tom and Noelle Crowe also reveal that she was a kind-hearted Catholic woman who cared for children and served a community of Ursuline Sisters for many years and a fascinating figure in American Catholic history.
Mount Saint Macrina - Every year, thousands of Eastern-rite Catholics gather in a small Western Pennsylvania town on pilgrimage to Mount Saint Macrina. Tom and Noelle Crowe explain how the pilgrimage started and what Pope Pius XI and Archbishop Fulton Sheen had to do with it.
Prince Gallitzin - Demetrius Gallitzin was born a Russian Orthodox prince and died an American Catholic priest, the second to be ordained in the United States. Tom and Noelle Crowe explore how this man of God underwent this remarkable transformation and left his indelible mark on western Pennsylvania.
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